Students in London

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Londoy Eye from the Prime minister house door

I've been to England several times trying to learn English at various universities in this City for example the Queen Mary and Metropolitan university, etc.

We have always gone a more or less numerous group of nine students when less until twenty-three on the more numerous.

We have studied but also have tourism done relatively well getting to know museums, monuments and sites.

We visited the Parliament, Wenmisther Abbey, Trafalgar Square,National gallery, British Museum , Natural History Museum, London Bridge some of the many sites worth visiting.

Always had a good time too but do not learn when we travel balance is very rewarding. London is big and beautiful city I was in three sometimes and come back when I can my way I go to enjoy of London. All the times I've gone with the University always guided by the unique program coordinator for more miss Escuder. We have visited this and other cities but I have a particular way I love London.


I encourage all students who have inquitudes by the English to join the more times they can in these programs, We are older and second studies also corts a lot more to learn a new language. But I think we have learned anything since I am writing this in English suvely sure I willhave nany facults I make mistakes, but this a few years ago when I started seven years ago I never imagined could happen. Finally my thanks to all major UJI program and congratulations to the managementlearn more when more responsibility has.

Entrance's photo in at university